Welcome, Designs by ADDE!

05/28/2014 19:01
Now our customers can choose their designer!  Check out Designs by ADDE! She brings an earthy elegance to our ~Be Uniquely You!~ custom designs line. She does great wire wrapping and beadwork....


Long Time No See!

05/12/2014 09:20
I know it's been a long time since I've been active. God had very important plans for me recently that took up a great deal of my energy and time. But, I passed his test and am back stronger than...


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~Be Uniquely You!~ Designs by ~Siskananamuk!~ (gallery)


Welcome Fellow Wanderers!!!

~Siskananamuk!~ is all about making a statement that is uniquely you by offering a wide variety of feather, ribbon, beaded, and silk flower hair accessories and jewelry in most any color. We also offer many kinds of chain mail armor and chainmaille jewelry. Our accessories are made to fit any style and give you that little pizzazz you are looking for. Choose from our pre-made designs or shoot us an e-mail about what you'd like to see in your personal peice.

Happy wandering!

And as always,

May God bless you to always Be Uniquely You!





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Customer Satisfaction Testimony

Viola C.

01/07/2013 11:35
Thank you! Wonderful and easy to deal with and this item is custom made. AWESOME!


Kevin C.

01/04/2013 11:36
Love it! Thanks!



12/22/2012 19:38
Very Nice!! Thank You!